feature[23] has very deep expertise in the science known as "information retrieval", analytics, and machine learning. Our cloud accessible, commercial product Solis can power a big data search index for fast, dynamic results with over 1 billion documents and years of data, while running on commodity hardware. Get clarity with confidence in seconds rather than weeks or months.


Docio: Manage Software By Business Value

Consulting, Product Development, and Software Business Management™ [SBM] collide in an analytics platform providing real-time insights into your entire software engineering portfolio. A first of its kind business intelligence tool to measure complex applications and the operational effectiveness of delivery. To provide true business value, you can now quantify and measure development activities and systems across business metrics. Discover trends and make appropriate adjustments quickly and more accurately.




Ad Firms, Creative Design Studios, and Marketing Agencies have done their fare share of pushing bloated CMS systems as solutions without care for their client's business priorities, future integrations, architectures, or the crippling limitations their recommendations might impose later. Sometimes [many times], a full-blown CMS isn't the right way to solve problems. UnCMS turns the Content Management System (CMS) equation on its head: adding CMS functionality to your dream web app or website, rather than building on the CMS you feel you need, which compromises quality, dev time, and performance.




A quick and easy-to-implement framework for feature[23] to build interfaces on the web. Schema provides an all-inclusive collection of CSS to jump start the foundation of our projects. On average, it saves our clients 2-3 weeks of front-end development time, and the framework is improving every day.



Your Business Faster, Easier, and More Profitable. There's an unfulfilled need which most U.S. businesses face today-- the lack of cost effective solutions allowing for the collaborative management of administrative information and documents for businesses, assets, personnel, projects, and more.

ProfileGorilla is an easy to use software that provides companies and their service providers a system where they can store and manage any kind of critical business records like Customers, Vendors, Assets, Projects, and more. Key Features include Automated Reminders to keep you alerted to important dates like Contract Expirations, License and Certification Expirations, Maintenance Cycles, etc. In-System Reporting, Document Management, Checklists and Notes, are just some of the additional key features. 



Restroom Alert

“Clean restrooms are good business™“. 

The application is designed for multi-unit franchise and chain store operators, facility managers or facility maintenance contractors, who need to maintain hundreds or thousands of clean restrooms in locations worldwide. Current users include restaurant chains, airports, hospitals, colleges & universities, resorts, amusement parks and even churches. Clean restrooms, and repeatable business processes, are an important part of maintaining a brand’s promise in the eyes of its customers. 

Whether you’re a mom-and-pop business, regional chain store, global brand or government organization, Restroom Alert can help your team deliver a much more consistent public restroom experience to your visitors. 


The Build Grid

Noticing significant drawbacks in most IaaS could platforms, we wanted to simplify in a new, and better deployment model. Previously, many platform models did’t have efficient, instant or continuous deployment, so rolling out prototypes and projects took time – too much time, in our opinion. Amazon EC2’s (Elastic Compute Cloud) infrastructure, while amazing, doesn't give developers the same speed that Heroku gave Ruby on Rails, Python, or Scala. Creating The Build Grid, feature[23] set out to make deployment less complicated for developers and clients alike. The goal was to achieve Heroku-like simplicity using cloud-based infrastructures and automation that could be triggered by an outside event, so as not to contaminate the target environment.

For all of you hardcore geeks, here’s how it works: The Build Grid monitors mercurial repositories, and, following commits to those repositories, pulls down applications. The Build Grid compiles the application and then, over the rest-based API, negotiates with the cloud platform to continually deploy new versions of the application. With the Build Grid, developers can focus on developing, and clients can focus on getting ideas out the door, quickly and cost-effectively. Companies can update their own applications simply and securely, without needing a developer to mash the “publish” button. The process is automatic, and when the software finishes it sends a notification and a link. Build Grid lets businesses of all sizes, from startups to large corporations, focus on more important things than infrastructure and servers. 

**This problem has since been solved by Microsoft Azure and we have shelved the opportunity as a PaaS bolt-on solution for another data center.



A NEW KIND OF STOCK MARKET RESEARCH TOOL. Stocktagon is a unique way of finding companies talking about a topic. See the entire market at once, rather than one filing at a time.

Search. Find Trends. See Everything. Gone are the days of poring over pages of results. See the entire market that matches your search at once. Visualize dimensions of companies, and naturally interact with the visualizations to drill down. Compare multiple searches together to discover trends. This isn't just a financial document search engine. It's a personal market researcher at your fingertips.

First we take years of SEC filings and other data rich with searchable terms and put it all in one place so it's searchable together, rather than in separate tools. Then we combine that data with advanced search indexing, natural language processing, company details, stock price data, and dozens of advanced algorithms to bring you a smart, advanced research tool that crunches through the entire market, usually in less than a second. We also automatically find recurring mentions of people, organizations, and locations to help you discover a connection you might be missing.

You could pay an expensive research firm to do this in a few weeks, or let Stocktagon's big data work for you in a few seconds.





PR'UF is a web application focused on the staffing industry and assessing talent. Hiring Managers, Recruiters, and Job Seekers are increasingly frustrated by inefficiency and poor industry practices. PR'UF solves this by bringing Experts into the staffing conversation and providing a streamlined, easy-to-use web application. The system proved to help connect the best candidates to the right people in the most trusted, fastest, and easiest way.



Have a vision for a new product? Explore it with our low-risk approach.

Big ideas don’t need a jumbo jet to get off the ground. Just some light technology, long-distance fuel, and experienced pilots. As a results-based firm, we use prototyping and early-adopter feedback to optimize and accelerate product-market fit.