Partner Program

Score big projects and deliver more business capabilities:

Finding passionate consulting partners has always been a top priority for feature[23], but having alliances doesn't mean anything if they aren't reputable and strategic. We're looking for industry-leading people and companies that can deliver on promises and become highly trusted channel partners. 

We provide short-term, per-project, and emergency technical experts to reduce lead time and improve delivery. Together, we can offer clients a true business delivery relationship to increase our mutual client's satisfaction, collaboration, and deliver innovation to expand reach, and reduce business risk. 

  • Client Needs Analysis - Get closer to your client’s needs by better understanding systems, standards, and priorities.
  • Technology Strategy - Pitch, scope, and discover alongside your desktop, mobile, and web application development partner.
  • Technical Project Management - Enjoy responsive, borderline obsessive service. Our tried and tested process and stellar communication skills keep software development projects on track.
  • Software Engineering + Front-End Development - Flexible, dedicated support to write code haikus and deliver a zen-like customer experience. Get safe and sound applications, worry-free. Namaste.
  • Digital Product Design - Develop UX/UI design , responsive design solutions based on each client’s specific wants and user needs.
  • Deployment - Give us a launch date, we'll send your client over the moon. We also provide documentation and training.
  • Training & Mentoring - Enroll your client’s IT team to expand capabilities, increase opportunities, and improve your client's bottom line.
  • Rush or Rescue Projects - Under the gun or in distress? We can help.

Become a feature[23] Partner

Gain immediate access into our groundbreaking experience, certifications, and insight to break through barriers to growth. Offer feature[23]'s multidisciplinary technical consultants, which consist of some of the most sought after talent on the planet.


You're already in the sales conversation — lean on us for client pitches and product launches.

Get all the muscle, security, and scalability from a renowned company that's used to partnering on big projects.

Stay focused on what you're really good at while giving your business a competitive advantage.

Sustainable success will lead to stabliized growth with residual income streams to drive your business forward.


Work With Us

If you want to help change the game with industry leaders, prepare to exceed limitations and ignite your passion. We’re always looking for talented companies to partner with.

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- Inclusion of Logo and Links on partner listing page;

- Use feature[23] Partner badge on their website and printed materials.

- Access to predictable and recurring cash flow to forecast your business growth; 

- Access to collaborate on our research and development time;

- Access to launch new products and opportunities together through our open innovation culture;

- Access to co-marketing, co-promotional, cross-sales, and executive-only group events;

- Access to technology promotions and special pricing from our network;

- Access to our lunch & learns, science projects, and training or mentoring with proven technology and business leaders.