Why We Chose This Purpose

feature[23] was founded on the belief that today's most relevant and valuable companies are building proprietary software products to transform business performance.

Unfortunately, software is shrouded in confusion, viewed as a cost center, and punished with inadequate funding. We think that is a solid plan for failure.

Leading brands are competing in the new Industrial Revolution – The Software Economy – and know they will live or die by their digital adoption. Companies mature in software-enabled digital transformation are outperforming, making more money, and are more profitable than their market peers.

We call them "Digital Leaders" – proactively transforming their business models and leading their segments through the frenetic pace of digital – web, social, mobile, big data, analytics, cloud, desktop, and the Internet of Everything

feature[23] is the partner for intentional Digital Leaders. 



Your Digital Leadership Approach

It’s simple – Digital Leaders need help to understand what the organization requires to innovate and begin a disciplined, sustainable way to deliver it – quickly.  We call it – Software Business Management – measurable programs designed to maximize success in achieving intended business outcomes.

Software Business Management guides ambitious leaders from digital ambiguity to a digital future with clarity and business alignment. 

Combining your tailored Software Business Management approach with your business priorities, we empower a framework for good decision making with  to enable digital business strategies with accuracy and financial certainty.

With Software Business Management you will:

  • Engage better with your customers and business users
  • Digitally enhance operations
  • Create a software-enabled digital vision
  • Govern software-driven execution
  • Incorporate software innovation into a company-wide process
  • Modernize with current digital technologies
  • Deliver smart technology solutions for business challenges
  • Lead software roadmaps to attain business outcomes
  • Get a hold of your disparate data and build intelligent analytics 
  • Drive a measurable, transparent, and analytics-based digital culture


Dig into the feature[23] story — your digital competitive advantage. 

Pushing boundaries is in our DNA

From our modest beginnings in 2008, we became a collection of deeply passionate software engineers, product designers, and entrepreneurial technologists. We loved working with leading-edge digital technologies to improve the everyday lives of our clients. We had a willingness to work directly with Digital Leaders on their business goals of economic success. We have an individual state of the art (SOTA) that gives each of us different perspectives to innovate and solve problems. We study heuristics, successes and failures, seeking continuous improvement. We realized the Firm was moving at light speed, from strength to strength, in a relentless pursuit of product development excellence. 

Unsurpassed talent. Best-of-breed product delivery and program management.

While these are the types of benefits you expect, we had a grand vision connecting in a more meaningful way. We would need to be more aggressive in building only what matters to address your toughest business challenges while also revolutionizing the state of the art of the software industry.  

As purpose-led innovators, analysts, technologists and pioneers, we seek to change your status quo, too. We've built endurance in empowering the most resourceful game changers to grow and transform our clients. Our business model, product development life cycle services, and culture was intentional, and built with care, to deliver the critical elements of your modern digital brand.

We are the company we keep.

Our business savvy, creativity, and technology know-how aren’t all that set us apart; it's also how we’re built. feature[23] fosters a culture of intellectual stimulation for our clients and employees.

Our techniques, methods, and tools must constantly be evolving. Finding passionate people who understand this, and have the talent necessary to push boundaries for our clients has always been a top priority for feature[23].  We are your catalyst for success in this regard: we focus on building the best software engineers, technologists, business strategists, and product designers on the planet, so you can focus on what you do best. 

Our core values creating the best workplace on earth are not placed in shiny frames and hung around the office.  They're ingrained in everything we do.  What's located within the activities in our environment is what allows us to be the most effective in helping our clients overcome the barriers to product innovation, industry disruption, and digital transformation... 

The only constant in the technology industry is change. We constantly invest in our "State of the Art" ... so you don't have to.

How do we deliver faster, more efficiently, and cost-effectively than anyone else on the planet?

Every product expert at feature[23] spends at least 10 hours per week for research, prototyping, experimenting, and sharing knowledge with new approaches, concepts, methods, tools, and technologies. We see it as the cost of doing business to continue to move the needle for our client's as partners, and remain one of the most innovative cultures on the planet.



We invest as we build and learn. Tools, frameworks, products, whatever it takes.  We place emphasis on building trust, surmounting challenges, sharing, teams, and respecting family first.


There's more than coding than code.  We teach, learn, and solve problems with each other.  We read up on our craft, share knowledge, and gain real experience through research and prototypes. It's not uncommon for book clubs, presentations, and science projects brewing around the office.


We break things, and build better ones.  Always refining in professional and practical application through experiments and open source contributions in a relentless pursuit of software engineering excellence.

We have built a company to be proud of, integrating our culture with your specific needs, to grow a partnership that will succeed long after our first handshake. But, you don’t want to hear about us.

You want to hear about your digital future, namely how we keep our promises. We hope you dig into the unmistakable details that make feature[23] your most powerful competitive advantage.