Business Value,

From Born Digital to Digital Transformation, our outcome-focused process is designed to help you create, and maintain, the custom software driving your business.

feature[23] is a full-services product development firm capable of helping you at each step in the journey.


All successful products have one thing in common. They have a clear, measurable and achievable strategy at their foundation. Whether it's validating core concepts, measures for success or economic models for the business, we can help you make sure the product starts on the right foot.


A brilliant solution to the wrong problem is worse than having no solution at all. Our Product Design teams use a "System of Design" proven to not only deliver the right look and feel, but one based on the needs of your users.


Beyond choosing a "tech stack", the right architecture should also align your strategy with technology in a manner that's ethical, and economically viable, for you and your organization. We can work with your teams to make sure you’re getting the right architecture for the products your business depends on.


World class delivery is more than being "agile". It's also about delivering the value needed by the business to succeed. And, to do so with a plannable timeline and viable economic model. Our product development teams can help you deliver the software that matters, every time.


Even if you’ve built the right product, this is where you'll spend most of your time and money for the product. Not only will the product's needs change, but if ignored, “software decay” can degrade the product beyond a point of recovery. We can help you maximize the long-term value of the product while making sure this never happens.

Whether we're helping our clients win awards, or delivering business value, we love building software that matters!

A smiling and laughing person is standing in front of a brick wall holding a cellphone.

Swisher International

Swisher was looking for a partner to help them modernize and innovate the platform used by their distributed sales teams. feature[23] was selected to help them migrate to Azure and deliver an industry leading product using a Progressive Web Application architecture.

Two people are standing side-by-side. Both people are looking at a tablet while one person is using the tablet.


Suddath has long been an innovator in their industry. So, when they wanted to build a mobile product which changed their customer's experience, feature[23] was given the opportunity to deliver. Not only was this a success for the business, but Suddath went on to win an award for this product.

Three cell phones with examples of work for Gulfeagle Supply are presented on a blue background.

Gulfeagle Supply

Gulfeagle Supply wanted to create a mobile product that helped their customers better manage the purchase and delivery of supplies across job sites. feature[23] was chosen to help them design and deliver this product using an Azure-based architecture.